docker image push

Command Name: 

docker image push


Push an image or a repository to a registry.

Below are the steps:

  • Signed up for Docker Hub
  • Created your first repository
  • Built a Docker container image on your computer
  • Pushed it to Docker Hub


easywhatis$ docker image push --help

Usage: docker image push [OPTIONS] NAME[:TAG]

Push an image or a repository to a registry

      --disable-content-trust   Skip image signing (default true)



Step 1: Sign up for Docker Hub

Step 2: Create your first repository

Once you verify your email id it will show you create repository button

Step 3: Download and install Docker Desktop

Download and install Docker Desktop. If on Linux, download Docker Engine – Community.


Step 4: Use docker login to login to docker hub from docker desktop

Open the terminal and sign in to Docker Hub on your computer by running docker login.


Step 5: Build an image

To build an image we will require a Dockerfile which is nothing but the instructions to create our image.


FROM busybox
CMD echo “This is my first Docker Image.”

 Run docker build -t <your_username>/my-first-repo . to build your Docker image.


docker build -t easywhatis/first-repo .


Step 6: Test an image locally

Test your docker image locally by running docker run <your_username>/first-repo.


Step 7: Push an image to docker hub

Run docker push /first-repo to push your Docker image to Docker Hub.

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