docker events

Command Name: 

docker events


Get real time events from the server.

This command gives you the last 1000 events of all docker objects like containers, images, plugins, volumns, Networks, Daemons,Services, Nodes, Secretes, Config.


easywhatis$ docker events --help

Usage: docker events [OPTIONS]

Get real time events from the server

  -f, --filter filter   Filter output based on conditions provided
      --format string   Format the output using the given Go template
      --since string    Show all events created since timestamp
      --until string    Stream events until this timestamp



In Terminal 1 run docker events command.

easywhatis$ docker events
2020-04-12T12:43:57.509507156+05:30 image untag sha256:d6b60f8d8167c04f4776920a642382fea99a1c2ccc5f13dc13e8f9a89516f2f2 (name=sha256:d6b60f8d8167c04f4776920a642382fea99a1c2ccc5f13dc13e8f9a89516f2f2)
2020-04-12T12:43:57.510844593+05:30 image delete
sha256:d6b60f8d8167c04f4776920a642382fea99a1c2ccc5f13dc13e8f9a89516f2f2 (name=sha256:d6b60f8d8167c04f4776920a642382fea99a1c2ccc5f13dc13e8f9a89516f2f2)

Terminal 2:

In Terminal 2 delete any one image. In Terminal 1 you will see that event.

easywhatis$ docker images

REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
busybox/test        1.1                 d6b60f8d8167        6 days ago          1.22MB
nginx               latest              ed21b7a8aee9        12 days ago         127MB
ubuntu              latest              4e5021d210f6        3 weeks ago         64.2MB
busybox             latest              83aa35aa1c79        4 weeks ago         1.22MB
easywhatis$ docker rmi busybox/test
Error: No such image: busybox/test
easywhatis$ docker rmi d6b60f8d8167
Untagged: busybox/test:1.1
Deleted: sha256:d6b60f8d8167c04f4776920a642382fea99a1c2ccc5f13dc13e8f9a89516f2f2